The Power of Music




The power of music

is what you make it

And that gives you the power

to love it or fake it


Your heart knows the secret

Your mind says it’s sacred

The musik says I’m sorry

But it’s just not my worry


So everythings vibrating

And my brain is synchronized

with the frequency of planet Earth

And the poetry of the wise


Still the atom rules

Both the wise and the fools

And the world is make believe

It’s yourself you must deceive


And the power of music

is in the


it combines

old habits as you choose them

– a choice reality refines


Every life has a conclusion

So we say when someone’s lost

But our thinking is confusion

And we may not know the cost


Look at someone on the brink

Someone losing every breath

Someone like that makes you think

about the meaning of life and death


Why aren’t all of us just free

Why do birds have a monopoly

What is it we wish to bring

And aren’t we supposed to sing?


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