The Veils of My Mind


I have some words of my own

but they just seem to leave me alone


I should have told you from the start

how I felt in my heart


But then those words got between

Me and my stupid dream

And I never said much

That was anyway in touch

with what I thought I might mean


You were the genuine girl

No one like you in the world


But maybe that was my dream

Nothing is by far what it seems


Now I know that you’re someone

Not someone trying to become one


Not some picture in a magazine

Not someone to fulfill my dream


But in my teens

I wore those jeans

because I wanted that dream to come true

I loved that dream

It gave me meaning

And I thought it was you

And I wanted it, too,

way too bad

Ain’t it sad


So who told me that fairytale

Who held up that sign?

Saying love is for sale

You just have to pay attention

Romance is our own invention

as I’m playing hide and seek

Strong and week

Proud and meek

Changing roles behind the veil

of my ever changing mind


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