Become knowing

Long time away
not tomorrow
or yesterday
a little spark of light
begins to move
very bright

It dances and it twinkles
and before anytime arrives
it grows to fill the world with love
and everything revives

It is the time of birth
it is the time of all beginning
and all is new and all is worth
and all the birds are singing

This is your home
this is your soul
this is where we’re all going
after we all become one and whole
when at last we become knowing

But for now
wait and see
do and be
nothing great will really go down
and you know it so you’re a clown
like your pride and all that’s down
with the music and the sound
you know it’s all just a lotta sound
you know those people ain’t been around
you know if they had thei’d still be down
and you know it’s the same
the whole globe around
so why don’t you start lookin’ for some answers
and you know I don’t mean no wide web chancers
I mean look for it everywhere
look for long like you care
and if you do I might meet you right there


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En kommentar to “Become knowing”

  1. knudsandbaek Says:

    Like you care
    – I know you do
    but there’s so much there
    to pursue

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