This dot means everything

This dot means everything.
You can use it to save time:
I’ll know what you mean.
Full stop.
Impossible to do,
yet so easy to conceive.

And any friend of mine
will receive a smile
in response to a full stop.

After all, I’m a musician,
and we musicians love to stop,
because it means that time
is playing the music for us,
so we can go about our
more private business
while tapping a redundant theme…

I will show you again:


It is a dot, that will save humanity
a lot of shady smileys misconstrued
and left in memory for unsafe storage.

It is a dot that simply means:
There. I see, where you are.
You life is a fact.

Short of words, and certain
that a smiley is out of place.

Realising the sometimes awesome
failure of words to describe reality.

And facing the unpleasant thought of
calling it in, calling your bluff or my own.

I put a dot here,
just to show, that I think I understand.

It is not a smiley, or even a fragment of one
– unless you insist.

In all it’s modesty, it is a signal that I know,
whatever little is to be known,
within my capability and mind frame.

It is the smallest thing on my computer.
Only just better than nothing,
and just right for the occasion.



En kommentar to “This dot means everything”

  1. knudsandbaek Says:

    And what a load of hog wash.

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