KS: A small tribute, hopefully

Taylor Swift from Wyomissing
Pennsylvania USA
What if you should see me pissin’
outside Burger King one day..

I would prob’ly say excuse me
and be on my stupid way
the papparazzi would just use me
“Twisted freak!” is what they’d say.

Hey, I’m no freak and no pervie
no terrorist or anything
I’m just  the guy who’ll serve you
a song about piss outside Burger King..

After all, it means you’re worth it,
song and piss and everything.
‘cause I just think you’re a little better
than alle the rest, and Burger King…

So, here’s what I’ll do
when they sue me for this profanity:
I’ll say I was seduced
and plead temporary file insanity….

Though Burger King just down the street
has got the best, they just can’t compete
and what ever was on my mind just now
I swear to God I won’t repeat…..

After all this is just poetry
and although it sucks big time
it makes me feel funny and free
and at least it’s got feet, and a rhyme 😉


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