KS: Dreaming Of You Is Still The Whole Nine Yards

Dreaming Of You Is Still The Whole Nine Yards

(the software seems to have a problem with paragraphs,
so I’m using hyphens)

The only time I’m happy

is when I’m dreaming of you

drinking it through

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know if I want you

or if I just want out

I don’t know if I love you

I’m always in doubt

And I’m not gonna die

until I figured it out.

This life seems so damn pointless

now I know I’m gonna die

and so is everybody else

and nobody knows why.

I could have sworn I saw someone

with some kind of lit up eyes

And I’m almost sure I heard a voice

saying “You’ll never get that wise!”

and now, as time moves on

it’s no longer a surprize.

I’m wondering did I miss something

does something escape my brain

and does my body hold the key

to some truth beneath the main?

But as my days fill up the dump

dreams of you always clear the drain.

So now I’m finally telling you

how much I love you, well,

now that it’s shrunk to something

words can almost tell,

I wanna thank you,

cause your beauty filled my aching heart

your beeing helped me find

my inner craving for art

and for anything to give me

an escape and a whole new start..

But sometimes I just drink

and play my own happy cards

dreaming of you

is still the whole nine yards.

And then some french music

from before the Rein of the Retards…


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