KS: Consciousness. Chemistry and more? What is matter?

We take it for granted, that there is no mind, no
conciousness, no soul if you will, outside the
human brain, and maybe the brain of a few
other creatures in this world.

However, where to draw the line? What creature is
the most primitive, that has a conscoiusness?
And how do we define consciousness?

If we believe, that we are all really just chemistry,
our own consciousness is a construction of it
self, a gimmick, an illusion. And what we
experience as such is just – chemistry.

The fact that we are able to ponder over this
question suggests the possibility that we are
more than chemistry. And that the world is
more, too.

If religion is basically just myth, does this mean
that there is no God, no spirit within, outside or
transcending matter? And thereby
within, outside or transcending through us?

IS consciousness in fact a product of matter and
chemistry, and of processes in the brain? Or is
it inherent in the matter itself, and merely just
evolved into a narcissistic, buddhistic koan-like
mirror-gaze in, and into the human existence?

Science may build on the assumption,
that consciousness is a product of the brain.
That also means, indirectly at least,
that it is a product of matter,
because the brain is matter.

We are clinging to the logic produced
by the very same thing that we are
adressing: Matter, or so we call it.

Why not call it God,
and get all the biased discussions
over with? What is the matter?


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5 kommentarer to “KS: Consciousness. Chemistry and more? What is matter?”

  1. knudsandbaek Says:

    We fake it for granteed…

  2. knudsandbaek Says:

    Fake security – the only kind there is…

  3. knudsandbaek Says:

    Sub- and consequently, a suicide or an epiphany would be appropriate,
    but all I get is statics.

    Someone’s on the line. I think it’s me.

    Keep this freak when she’s clear!

  4. knudsandbaek Says:

    I meant, of course:
    “Keep this frequency clean”…

  5. knudsandbaek Says:

    No, dag gommit,
    “Keep this frequency clear!”

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