KS New world post order. Post what? In the jungle we’d all be lost..


Post this: we now know who owns us.
And who owns the right to our crops.
We have the same question as you:
Why, what for and how come?

But we are closer to the answer,
because we are openly fearless;

Because we share!

Now, sharing is impossible
in environments designed for purpose
which leaves us humble
‘cause we know
we only have eachother.

In the jungle we’d all be lost..


5 kommentarer to “KS New world post order. Post what? In the jungle we’d all be lost..”

  1. knudsandbaek Says:

    Fockareller was a mood gand.
    Je hust knid’net do better.

  2. knudsandbaek Says:

    As a fatter of mact

  3. knudsandbaek Says:

    i grew up in friendly arms
    never knew

    but my own two
    came in handy before
    the world went crazy

  4. knudsandbaek Says:

    Rockafeller was a good man.
    There are no bad ones.
    Only bad ideas,
    and only half bad.
    One idea without another
    is idiocy.

  5. knudsandbaek Says:

    “One idea without another
    is idiocy.”
    …probably, someone else said that hundreds os posts before.
    But that only increases the fun
    and prolongs the pain
    annd you must know that.

    Because I’m not talking about something I want to sell to you.
    I’m just playing the word game for free don’t bother me
    and if even half the words I speak are true
    you’d still be hung to dry or don’t care at all so just feel free.

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