KS: Let’s share!

Let’s share

Ain’t it easier if you’re happier
don’t it work out much better so
what are these ideas that keep us far apart
And won’t you stay if I let you go?

Must we go on feelin’ insecure
can’t we let each other be
Why is it, that we must own eachother
so that we can finally feel free?

Oh it’s the riddle of time
is the story that goes
if you don’t change the rhyme..

And surely you are better than that
your parents would want you
to be happier than they were

And it’s easier if you love the one you’re with
And it makes more sence to be there
And in the end we’ll all be dead and that is it
so I say: if we like it, let’s share!


2 kommentarer to “KS: Let’s share!”

  1. knudsandbaek Says:

    If it’s something good
    I’ll want you to taste it.

    Only question is:
    does it want to be tasted.

    Ideally, that should be your problem,
    not mine.

    And surely no problem for “it” 😀

  2. knudsandbaek Says:

    Fåk the old order
    The new order is in our
    hearts, as long as we
    love eachother.

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