KS: In the fantastic middle of nowhere


In the fantastic middle of nowhere



In the fantastic middle of nowhere

I met everybody’s dispair

In the company of absent-mindedness

I was breathing second hand air.


Suddenly, along with a shallow thought

Came the abstinence of point and time

And it was all for the good – For better or worse –

Of the prosecution of this rhyme.


Can’t you see how wasted time is without you

When all of that time is mine?

For the love of God I would give anything

Just because you are so fine.


2 kommentarer to “KS: In the fantastic middle of nowhere”

  1. Hovsa Says:

    “In middle of nowhere”… Er det ikke også et begyndelses sted 😉

  2. Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Says:

    Jo, er det ikke fantastisk?

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