KS: never get those hours back


Folk the iron E of glory

trash the cannister of hope

let’s fulfill the wish of many

let’s make love clean, without dope


There’s the church and there’s a monster

and the twins are having kids

it’s the party of illusions

it’s the idol of the ids


And there ain’t no doubt about it

and it’s just as it should be

prisoners who are the prowdest,

let’s hear it for the glorious three:


One, the billion dollar company

who makes sure we go to work

and it’s not as if we function

selling bad dreams with a smirk.


Two the very church itself

and it’s founder, who was he?

was he saved and sent to hell

along with all who shal be free?


three the holy ghost of showbizz

this is where it really cracks

where we put our trust, where hope is,

we’ll never get those hours back!


En kommentar to “KS: never get those hours back”

  1. Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Says:

    The iron E of glory kan skæres ud i pap:
    The irony of glory.
    The iron E of gloree.

    Man har vel lov til at sætte et skilt op
    om at der ikke må fortsættes, fordi det er italiensk ost?

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