KS: Close your eyes


Close your eyes


Close your eyes

and forget about me

I’m not even close

to where you want me to be

and that ain’t where

I’m supposed to be at all


You’re supposed to love me

but you’re not s’posed to know it

until some power above me

makes you want to show it

but all I know right now

is I wanna be free,

‘cause making love to you is where I wanna be.


Open up

all the senses

the old folks have closed

when they got to the point

they could not pass

that’s where we’re supposed to fall in love

according to the powers above

if we don’t they will certainly have our ass!


Close your eyes and remember

how we children could do anything,

and don’t forget it

just because you grew up!

‘Cause you know, you




(Sex in the highest class)


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