KS: Open letter to the american people from someone in Denmark

You americans need to ask yoursleves:
Do you really know enough about alternative political systems?
Is the conservative republican holding on to his power, or is he giving you the freedom of choice and the true story or information about how things really work and about what really goes on in the world?

In history, have men in power often given away information about politics?

Do you think that he who has power, will give you a chance to doubt his dogmas, if he can prevent it?

Do you think  that the truth even matters, to the one who has achieved power in this world?

Do you think, that men with power are any different from all others, in that they have weaknesses and other human qualities – do you think, that they are gods?

And last, but not least, do you think that power is a good thing, given that the men in power all through history have been unstable, frenetic and destructive people with a chip on both their shoulders?
And why would you think that?
Because they want you to?

And one more thing: isn’t money the same as power?


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