KS: McCain is a white male, no worries!

John McCain – not to be confused with John Wayne – is white!

What else is there to worry about?

He regards God as a part of the bible, not vice versa.

So, he represents our pride, honour and vanity in this world of belief!

We believe that God has to answer to the evangelists!

God has to live up to a selection of, what a handful of men wrote about him hundreds of years ago!

We are the righteous people, and we decide, what is right and what not, because we know, that Matthew, Marcus, Lucas, John and Paul were the true authorities in this world.

God is just a sidekick!

MaCain IS John Wayne in this marvellous movie, “Don’t Move, Step Away From It All”
directed by “The Establihment” inc. (Trade Mark)

An Undevided Opinion Company!

Presented to you by:

Unlimited Ego Logo Power Inc. Dott And Come Exterminators Unlimited (UELPIDACEU)

A Holy Hollow Daze feiture…

Don’t question the power of the dark side!
What is there, is right!
Or else, God would have removed it, right?

Don’t look into the light, it will blind you!

Look at me! I am your superior!
After all, I’ve got the money…


Ingen kommentarer to “KS: McCain is a white male, no worries!”

  1. Knud Sandbæk Nielsen Says:

    And so,
    stick your left wing fag opinions up your defected recti,
    we, the already victorious villains,
    will prevail, because power is always right!

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